I’m sorry I have been silent for so long. I have been obsessed with COVID-19. In fact, I am staging a walk to the place where the governor of IL is doing his public briefings on the subject.

I have seen so many friends whose lives have been forever altered by the disease. I have also seen more friends whose lives may be forever altered by the stay in place order.

I am lucky enough to be able to work from home most days, but I do go to work once a week and shop. When I do, I keep 6ft from others and wear a mask to protect others when I can’t keep my distance. The social distancing orders do make sense.

The everyone stay in place also makes sense until the curve is flattened. This is supposed to happen by mid-May in IL. At that point, the stay in place order becomes as dangerous as if not more dangerous than the disease.

So, we are walking and following the CDC social distancing order. We want to show the public health officials who are informing the governor that we can follow it. We want to show people who are concerned about opening that people can survive outside if we follow the recommendations. We want to show the people who want to throw the doors open what we the people need to be willing to do to make that happen.