Corruption in Illinois

A study published on 2/11/2020,, found that the northern Illinois court district that includes Chicago is the most corrupt in the nation and that Illinois itself is the 3rd most corrupt. In line with this result is that the highest population cities and states tend to be the most corrupt. So, the conclusion can be drawn that the more people an elected official represents, the more likely it is that that official will succumb to temptation.

This is something the authors of the Constitution knew well. In fact, that is why they enumerated the powers of the Federal Government in the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, starting in 1920, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Commerce Clause basically gives the Federal Government carte blanche in making laws that affect individual citizens’ lives. This has led states to do the same. So, we have the situation we are in today.

What is the solution? Decentralize control. Put the power in the hands of the government entity that is both at the right level to handle the problem and that provides the most access for general citizens to correct its behavior, if necessary.

Will this completely eliminate corruption? Of course not. Avon Township Supervisor is a fine example of someone whose behavior has needed correction for too long. However, after nearly two years of corrupt behavior, the people of Avon Township are holding him accountable and repeatedly showing up to meetings to voice their displeasure. Imagine having to drive to Springfield or Washington DC to force the issue. The average person doesn’t have the money for that, let alone the poorest.

This is why we having services provided be at the level that can best provide the service and be policed by the average citizen is the best remedy for corruption.